Check, in these annals, the works approved by the Scientific Committee of the 26th Anprotec Conference, whose theme was “New Mechanisms and Innovative EnterprisesGeneration Spaces”. Below you can access the Full Papers and the Good Company Practices presented in the Parallel Technical Sessions.

If you prefer to download all the papers from the 2015 Anprotec Conference at once, please click here.

Full papers

Innovation potential mapping generated in an Institution of Science and Technology: The Case Of Scientific Computing National Laboratory – LNCC / MCTI

Main Author: Marcelo Luiz Mendes da Fonseca


An organizational proposal for Incubators Technology Based Companies

Main Author: Fernanda H. Mansano


Classification of Incubators Paraná Technology Based Companies using factor analysis

Main Author: Fernanda H. Mansano


Entrepreneurial culture: a study with artisans linked to incubator Amazon Indigenous Creative – AMIC in Parintins / AM

Main Author: Elder Campos da Silva


Model to evaluate the level of maturity of startups

Main Author: Márcio Roberto Machado da Silva


Dynamics of Human Resources as New Frontier of Information and Communication Technologies – The case of matching candidates and vacancies using artificial intelligence techniques

Main Author: Cristiano Santos


Performance Analysis of Triple Helix in the Innovative Entrepreneurship Development: A Case Study Companies with Synaptic

Main Author: Márcia Marcondes Diniz de Freitas


Innovation ecosystems in Brazilian companies incubators: a study on partnerships between incubated enterprises and large companies

Main Author: Alexandre Rodrigues Cajuela


One way to take: Entrepreneurship-School Laboratory (LabEEE)

Main Author: Luciane Meneguin Ortega


Evolutionary impacts of Subvention Program PAPPE Integration and TECNOVA in the State of Alagoas

Main Author: João Geraldo de Oliveira Lima


The impact of the implementation of the core methodology in casulo – the UniCEUB business incubator

Main Author: Erika Lisboa


Success factors and boundary conditions for the management, operation and evaluation of technology parks in Brazil: reference model in light of the Triple Helix

Main Author: Adriana Ferreira de Faria


Platform Business Intelligence Based Structures Informational Semantics: Model Computational and Informational Support to Innovation Environments

Main Author: Fábio Dacêncio Pereira


Pre-incubator of the Federal University of Santa Catarina: the formation of private and social enterprises and integrated entrepreneurial environment

Main Author: Rafael Pereira Ocampo Moré


Knowledge habitats in conurbations: The Alagoas Technological Park Management Model

Main Author: Kelyane Silva


Design Thinking: A tool for generating new business. The case of the Incubator Santos Dumont

Main Author: Gideão Matinc Claro


The governance structure as innovation strategy Innovation Habitats

Main Author: Rafael Pereira Ocampo Moré


Micro and small garment companies: a proposed production site clothing arrangement in Nova Iguaçu – RJ

Main Author:Ana Maria Pereira de Aguiar


Development of Mobile Warehouse for Tilapia slaughter

Main Author: Maria Sueli Lopes Vasconcelos


Entrepreneurial education: a case study of the actions and methods used in college and your incubator in the technology hub of Santa Rita do Sapucai – MG to promote entrepreneurship

Main Author: Alexandre Franco de Magalhães


The spread of the culture of innovation and the development of Technological Innovation Centers in ICTs of Santa Catarina

Main Author: Maria Carolina Zanini Ferreira


Proposal development and implementation of a business plan template in accordance to the core methodology – a case study in inctech

Main Author: Renato Habas


Multicriteria constructivist model of performance evaluation of technological incubator Unochapecó – inctech: based on the core methodology

Main Author: Franciele Pastre


Innovative integration between incubated companies and universities for continuous generation of competitive advantages in dynamic environments

Main Author: Rogério T O Lacerda


Action Impact Analysis of Technological Parks in the business community surrounding

Main Author: Viviane Sartori


The profile of the entrepreneur Unicamp graduates

Main Author: Mariana N. Zanatta Inglez


Knowledge Management Web platform INOVA Paula Souza

Main Author: Bruno Marques Panccioni


“IBT Entrepreneur”: Disseminating the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Culture of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora – UFJF

Main Author: Leonardo Miranda Frossard


Entrepreneurial education qualification of teachers of technical and vocational education: The case of Pronatec Entrepreneur

Main Author: Ruth Espinola Soriano de Mello


Elements entrepreneurs in academic administration course UFMT campus Cuiabá

Main Author: Ivana Aparecida Ferrer Silva


Social businesses as a strategy to solve global problems

Main Author: Geysa Borini Rodrigues de Oliveira


Innovation Management Analysis in Universities in the contexts of innovation systems

Main Author: Evelin Priscila Trindade


New Approach Cooperation Interregional: case FEEVALE Techpark

Main Author: Cleber Prodanov


Local Productive Arrangement: A study on the creative endeavors advised by AMIC incubator in Parintins / AM

Main Author: Valdicléia Moura de Negreiros


Santa Catarina strategies for innovation

Main Author: Clarissa Stefani Teixera


The role of hatchery entrepreneurial activities as a promoter of innovation at the Federal University of Uberlândia – Case of the I challenge of innovation

Main Author: Rita de Cássia Ferreira Meirelles


The system of science, technology and innovation: national landscape from the innovation of the laws of the Brazilian states

Main Author: Darlan Junckes


The revitalization of urban spaces: the case sapiens center in Florianópolis

Main Author: JadhiVincki Gaspar


The Jaragua do Sul innovation district

Main Author: Danielle Nunes Ramos


Brazilian Parks and solutions and services to entrepreneurs

Main Author: Carolina Menegazzo


Brazilian accelerator: survey to focus on the identification, performance and territorial distribution

Main Author: Clarissa da Silva Flôr


News format and digital curation in Brazilian parks sites

Main Author: Sicilia Vechi Gonçalves


The interaction of the triple helix in São Bento do Sul

Main Author: Osvalmir Tschoeke


Analysis of university incubators in Brazil

Main Author: Ingrid Santos Cirio de Azevedo


System Maturity Rating: interaction between CERNE and Agile development companies

Main Author: Natália Michele Ferreira


Agile Application Acceleration in Pre-incubation program: The case of IEBT / CenTev

Main Author: Samuel de Freitas Ottomar


The maker movement: focus on Brazilian fablabs

Main Author: Sofia Lorena Urrutia Pinto


The emergence of an entrepreneurial ecosystem: the case of Warehouse Creativity and the city of Caruaru, Pernambuco, Brazil.

Main Author: Diego Alex Gazarro dos Santos


The perception of the incubated companies on the implementation of the NAP – Maturity Assessment Program for New Ventures

Main Author: Erika Lisboa


The role of the government of the Federal District and the perception of the incubated companies

Main Author: Erika Lisboa


Strategic management of innovation as a prospect for change in small and micro enterprises – Case Study in Nutrishop

Main Author: Roberta Drielle Silva Mendes


Stimulus initiatives to entrepreneurship in the state of Florida: the case of the business incubator at the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Winter Springs

Main Author: Julio Francisco Dantas de Rezende